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My name is Armando Didovic and i am the operations/safety manager for M&D Expedited Services LLC out of Waterloo, IA. We are a transportation company and just recently moved into a bigger office as our business is growing. As we all know when you move into a new area of work some work needs to be done. We found AJ's Cleaning and Restoration on Yelp and have heard from other businesses that the work they do is amazing. I got a hold of AJ and he was very professional and polite over the phone. AJ and his dad drove 2 hours to Waterloo from Des Moines on a Saturday to clean our carpets that were pretty run down from the previous business. I opened up the office door and let them go to work, when i came back to the office about 2 hours later the 1600 Sq office looked like it had new carpets put in. Now only were the carpets clean beyond my expectation but they also smelled like new and the amazing smell filled the entire office. We will get our carpets cleaned again right before Winter and once during Winter from snowfall getting dragged in and we will not consider using anyone else other then AJ's Cleaning and Restoration. Their service is unbelievable and very professional and i would recommend everyone and anyone to use their service.

- Armando Didovic, Operations/Safety Manager, M&D Expedited Services LLC


One of my friend referred Aj for cleaning our apartment, so i contacted him and they said they can come in another couple of hours. My apartment was a mess to be honest with all the stains on the carpet and kitchen floors n stove are dirty( we are jus a bunch of guys living there). Aj and his team arrived on-time and since i had to come back to work i jus told what has to be done n left back to work( my friend had already told me that , these people are very nice and honest) and when i went back the apartment was like new, all the stains had gone and the stove and bath room were sparkling. And they are not expensive. I would definitely to my other friends. Thank you Aj.

Vimal Chandran, IT Consultant, Grapnel Tech

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