Spring Cleaning

Is your home feeling “blah” after all the snow we got here in Des Moines this past winter? Refresh it with a deep clean and carpet cleaning combo! We are currently offering the following special: Combine a deep clean and carpet cleaning and get 10% OFF!

Here is what our deep cleaning constitutes of:

Deep cleaning of :

– Kitchen

• Exterior/Interior of all appliances get cleaned, fridge/stove get moved out of the way to clean under/around them.

• Kitchen cabinets get thorough interior cleaning if all items are removed prior to our arrival/surface cleaning with wood polish applied.

• Any ceiling fans get cleaned.

• All counter space gets thoroughly cleaned.

• Any doors and trim in kitchen get wiped down.

– Bathroom(s)

• Vanity gets a thorough interior cleaning/surface cleaning with wood polish applied.

• Bath/shower get thoroughly cleaned.

• Sink/faucet get thoroughly cleaned.

• Mirrors/light fixtures get cleaned as well.

• Any doors and trim in kitchen get wiped down.

– Bedroom(s)

• All bedrooms get cleaned thoroughly including doors and trim.

– Floors

• All floors get appropriately cleaned/vacuumed/mopped.

• Carpets will be professionally cleaned using a van mounted unit – if agreed upon.

– Other surfaces

• Windows will be cleaned from inside/outside if agreed upon.

• All other surfaces will be wiped down/cleaned appropriately, if we are to miss anything we guarantee we will come back the same day and clean it.

Our deep cleaning is unparalleled to anything we have ever seen our competitors offer! Please feel free to give me a call at any time to set up a free in home consultation to get an estimate ready for you.

Thank you,

AJ Dedic

AJ’s Cleaning & Restoration


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