Tips On Hiring A Carpet Cleaner

I believe that building a good professional relationship with every client is a company’s key to success, and that is why I and my employees (all family members) do our best to provide excellent service at an affordable price. I have however seen other carpet cleaners in the area who offer not so great services at high-end pricing, and I believe that is the best way to ruin everyone’s opinion of carpet cleaners, we are not all the same I promise!

Here are some tips on hiring your next carpet cleaner!

1 – Avoid the folks who advertise only a phone number, extremely cheap prices, and do not offer any guarantees!

– In our industry, us professionals call those guys “bait and switch cleaners” meaning they bait you with their extremely low pricing, however, in the end, they charge you more than us professionals would! I do not like bashing my competition however if they are giving the rest of us carpet cleaners, who work hard and provide excellent service in order to build a client base and support our families, I am more than happy to advise folks against hiring them!

2 – Make sure your carpet cleaners are registered with the state, insured, and bonded!

– Every business has to be registered with the Secretary of State in order to provide services to customers. Also, every business should carry insurance, but many don’t. I always say it is better to ask the cleaner in advance if they are insured rather than after an incident happens in your home.

3 – A personal tip to finish off the blog – appearance is everything! – At least to me!

– I have always liked the quote “You only get one chance to make a first impression” if your cleaner does not put effort into taking care of his/her equipment and more importantly themselves, do you think they will put effort into taking care of your carpets?

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