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Posted on May 6, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Hello Des Moines!

With all the calls about wet basements and all the rain we have been getting I thought I would write an entry in the blog to inform home owners of ways they can prevent having to call us!

The past few water damage jobs we have had included: Sump Pump Back Up - the sump pump was less than 2 years old, but gave out. Whether it was improper installation, defective product, or a different reason.. it gave out. The result of the sump pump giving out was about 1" of water throughout the entire basement (Pad/Carpet/Baseboards/Drywall..) We ended up tearing out the padding, removing all baseboards, and drying the basement out (as well as the carpet as the homeowner just had put the carpet in 2 years ago and it was a clean water flood). 

Another job that we had was an Egress Window Drain Back Up - What had happened is the cover that prevents leaves/mud/rocks to get into the drain broke and the drain had backed up. The window well was full of water (about 6 feet), and it came into the basement after the window gave out. Luckily the basement was not finished and we were able to get in there quickly enough to dry the property out with minimal damage to items being stored in basement. 

Another job we have had the past 2 weeks was a broken water line that connected to the fridge. It caused damage to kitchen floors/drywall/ and floor joists. We had to remove kitchen flooring, drill holes in some of the cabinets, and remove trim. After drying out the kitchen we rebuild it, and the homeowners could not believe that it looked like nothing had happened. 

Here are some tips on how you can preven water damage:

Check your sump pump, make sure it is properly working. All you have to do is remove your cover, and check to make sure your float is working propely and you can hear it run when it is raining. 

Make sure any egress windows have covers on the drains and clean out the egress area from any debris/leaves.

Have a plumbing inspection done to make sure all of your water lines are in good condition (ask for an air pressure test).

Get your sewer drain line inspected (with someone who has a camera to show you exactly what is happening)

I hope that this may help someone out there who is worried about water in your basement and as always thank you for reading!

AJ Dedic

AJ's Cleaning & Restoration

Des Moines, IA 50317.

PS We are constantly running carpet cleaning specials, make sure you mention any deals you find online to get discounts!

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